Walter Crane, “The Triumph of Labour”

Cain Shelley

PhD Student
Department of Government, LSE



My primary research interests are in social and political philosophy, with a particular focus on questions concerning philosophy and public policy and the ethics of activism.   


My doctoral thesis explores the concept of class consciousness, and some of the political practices - municipal politics and activist-led education - that might play a role in strengthening different aspects of it. 


Before coming to LSE, I received an MA in Political Science from the University of Leeds, and a BA in History and Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London. 


You can use this site to access details about my writing and conference presentations, or download my CV.

You can also email me at:  cainbenjaminshelley [at] gmail [dot] com, or follow me on Twitter: @cainbshelley


Peer-reviewed articles: 

2021: “Activist-led Education and Egalitarian Social Change,Journal of Political Philosophy (early view)

Book reviews: 

2020: “Two new socialist manifestos,” Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy 28(1): 91-95.

2019: “Capitalism, Human Rights, and Critical Theory,” Global Justice: Theory, Practice, Rhetoric 12(1): 129-133.


“Climate Change and Contemptuous Ownership,” Why Private Property? II, University of Oxford, 19th May 2021 

“The Value of Organizing Conversations,” 4th London Graduate Workshop on Moral and Political Philosophy, 15th April [via Zoom] 

"The Transitional Value of Community Solidarity," Brave New World Postgraduate Conference, University of Manchester, 22nd June 2020 [via Zoom]

"Just Work, Self-Respect and Trade Unionism," Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, University of Geneva, 13th February 2020

"Freeing Socialism from its Attachment to Marx?: Honneth’s Recent Political Turn and its Limits," Critical Theory in (a Time of) Crisis, University of Sussex, 5th November 2019


"Municipal Assembly-Building and the Question of Egalitarian Transition," Realising Egalitarian Futures panel at MANCEPT, 12th September 2019


"Intellectual Autonomy and Activist-led Education," Association for Social and Political Philosophy Annual Conference, Newcastle University, 25th June 2019 


"The Politics of Property-Owning Democracy," 16th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, University of Pavia, 19th September 2018


"The liberal critique of marketization and its limits," Markets and Morality panel at MANCEPT, 10th September 2018 


"Thomas’s Republic of Equals and Political Orientation," 9th Braga Summer School in Ethics and Public Policy, University of Braga, 3rd July 2018


"Do political theorists pay sufficient attention to political economy?," Nottingham Postgraduate Conference, University of Nottingham, 21st June 2018 


Walter Crane, “The Triumph of Labour” (detail), 1891. © The Trustees of the British Museum.